Friday, September 24, 2010

MARTA cuts roll out Saturday  |

It is a dayum shame a city of this size (and with stifling traffic issues) can't maintain a robust mass transit system that serves its citizenry effectively.

MARTA cuts roll out Saturday  |

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Final Countdown

The title of today's post isn't just an awesome 80s song by Europe. It's also what this week is for my MARTA bus route.

Come Friday, there will be no more route 105. Further, no other routes are being redirected to serve the 105 riders.

Which mean in addition to not having a job, I also will have no way to get around. Yes, I can walk to the train and then take a train to the grocery store but it will take a lot longer.

Actually, given the slowness of the bus, I may actually come out ahead occasionally.

Anyway, since this is the last hurrah for the bus, I am heading to Midtown this evening to meet my friend Beth for dinner. Figure I should do this sort of thing will I still have a way to do so.

As for the job hunt, well, I got another rejection today. On a positive note, I do have a phone interview scheduled for next week. That job is in Chicago. A town I love but getting there (assuming I even GET the job) will present a bit of a challenge in terms of figuring out what to do with my condo. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

In the meantime, enjoy some classic hair band:

Monday, September 13, 2010

They Waste this kind of Cash and yet my Route gets cut!!?!?

Fifty-seven MARTA laptops valued at more than $55,000 have vanished.

Paperwork for some items of evidence in the MARTA police property room was missing or incomplete. MARTA vehicles drove the Ga. 400 Cruise Card lane without paying so often that cash-strapped MARTA paid $79,000 in fines to the state this summer. The tolls themselves rang up at just $2,600, according to the State Road and Tollway Authority.

MARTA audit shows wasted money  |

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Is the end of my unemployment coverage.

Means I miss the extension by one week.

Just my luck.

In other news, I've now applied to 72 jobs.

Eventually the law of averages has to kick in. Right???

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It was a Helluva day on Marta

So, I had to go to Buckhead for a meeting this afternoon. And Buckhead is all of six miles from my house.

I figured I could catch the bus at Noon and get there in plenty of time.

I was wrong.

Question: Which is worse?

A - That it took me 1 hour and 29 minutes to travel six miles or so on the bus?


B - That fact that the Iphone battery so sucks that by the time I arrived at my meeting more than half of the juice was gone?

Both options are unfortunate..and frankly, unacceptable. That said, I am going to go with A since I had people waiting for me.

(Sidebar – I also managed to fall OFF the bus once I did disembark thanks to all the thoughts swimming around in my head – but that is another story all together.)

As for getting home after the meeting, well, there was considerable drama there too.

I was able to utilize the free BucRide shuttle ( to get to the train station.

This was immensely helpful as a) the BucShuttle sticks to its schedule; b) it took me to the closest train station, thereby saving me time in the form of not having to sit in traffic on Piedmont to get to the station the Marta bus serves and C) this also allowed me to catch the 4:35 bus at Dunwoody so I wouldn’t have to walk home from the Sandy Springs station.

Win. Win. Win!

I got to my stop, exited the train, and as I made my way to the bus bay I was almost run over by a dude in a red shirt who was racing up to the platform.

Not a big deal, I figured he was just running to catch his train.

Been there, done that, got the tee shirt.

I continued on my merry way and exited the station and then sat on the bench waiting for the bus.

So, you can imagine my surprise when about 5 minutes later I hear this woman from inside the turnstiles yelling something – I couldn’t make out WHAT she was yelling – loudly.

I got up from my seat outside of the station to see what the fuss was about and at that moment the same dude in the red shirt races by me toward the exit turnstiles.

I started to make my way over to the exit area to trip him or something when all of the sudden a Marta cop LEAPS from the third step and tackles the guy.

I’m talking old school Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat take down.

Whoever said Marta cops aren’t badass hasn’t seen this particular cop in action.

So the cop lands on the guy in the red shirt, and also manages to knock down a sign that was posted by the exit, and holds him as his partner brings up the rear. Cop #2 shows up within seconds …with the lady who was yelling for help not far behind him.

To the guy in the red shirts credit, he didn’t struggle at all. They zipped tied his hands behind his back and off he went to wherever they take alleged perpetrators.

All of this transpired in no more than one minute.

Forget about Action Jackson. Forget about Chuck Norris. I want this Marta cop on my side when the shit hits the fan!

And while I am the first person in line to complain about what Marta is doing wrong, I’m also the first person to admit when they do something right… and hiring this leaping Robocop was definitely right in my book.

In closing, I’d like to thank all our public safety personnel for their efforts to keep the general public safe. It’s a thankless and dangerous job. And you ARE appreciated!

Friday I go back to Unemployment...Again

I have to be there by 10AM.

That said, I have to leave my house at 7:30 to ensure I get there in a timely fashion. Translation - I get there an hour earlier than necessary.

If catch the bus at 8 I only have a 9-minute cushion, and we all know that is not nearly enough time when dealing with Marta.

Here's the transporation plan for Friday. And while this is a real PITA it beats out of pocket costs of $40 bucks to get to the office.

Transfer to:
Transfer to:

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today is my Favorite Day of the Year

It's the start of the College Football season.

To get you pumped up for the 2010 season, check out the 2009 highlights.

It's just unfortunate that Michigan is featured at all. As they say, in Poland they tell jokes about Ann Arbor.

Let the games begin!