Monday, February 28, 2011


In the midst of the madness of getting my house packed and moved out in 24 hours I missed something.

I moved into my now vacant condo on March 1st.  I moved out on February 27th.  Not perfectly symmetrical but pretty close.

Many moons and suns had to line up to get me out of there so close to when I got in there in the first place.

I can't help but hope that this is a sign of a restoration of balance to my life...a balance, that frankly, I wasn't even sure was missing until the dates dawned on me today.

And now, the apartment hunting in the greater Baltimore area is afoot.  A whole new set of memories is on the verge of being made.  But more on that later.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is Interesting/Disturbing

The last ten years certainly weren't pretty.
The last decade was "one of the weakest on record" for GDP and job growth, according to Rebecca Thiess, the author of a new report from the Economic Policy Institute. The the last decade, the real value of the minimum wage declined, and the gap between rich and poor grew, meaning there was no cushion when the recession hit, Thiess wrote.
The EPI report, "The Great Recession's Long Tail," was released on Tuesday, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that unemployment fell or stayed the same in two-thirds of American cities in December.