Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rolling the Dice today......

...and I am going to see Russell Brand's Arthur.

Given that I've never seen the original I have no preconceived notions about what to I am hopeful it will bring the funny.

Will report back....stay tuned.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving....

From The Huffington Post:

The Church of England has published a special prayer in anticipation of the wedding of Prince William to his fiancee, Kate Middleton.

In addition to the general prayer they whipped up, they made one for kids too. Its text is below.

Prayer for school children praying for the Royal Wedding

Dear Jesus,

we pray for Prince William and Catherine Middleton
as they get ready for their wedding day.
Keep them safe,
make them happy
and help them
to look after each other always. 

If find this terribly sweet. And also profoundly powerful. That a lot of positive ways heading their way.

And now we know what gift to get for the couple that has (or can buy) anything they could ever desire.

A prayer...because God knows there will be tough days every once and a while for even Mr. & Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Girl - "Weeping Willow"

today's food for thought............

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hunt for the Haunt Continues

After considerable thought, some sisterly advice and some less than acceptable answers, I've decided to not go with the Towson apartment.

It just doesn't feel right.

And so I am taking a few weeks off from looking (one, because I'm exhausted at looking at places and two, I've got a ton of deadlines at work in the coming weeks) and I'll start again fresh in a few weeks.

On a happier note, baseball is back.  And Orioles magic is in the air.  Started the season with a sweep of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (and yes, I know the name changed but I refuse to accept their renaming) on the road and today my Os defeated the Tigers at Camden Yards.  Sad I couldn't be there to see it in person, but even I draw the line at $95 for a standing room only ticket.

Only 175 games to go until we get our Orioles glory back.  But who's counting?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flounder...Usually a Meal for Me, Not Usually Something I do When Making a Decision

floun·der 2 (floundr)
n. pl. flounder or floun·ders
Any of various marine flatfishes of the families Bothidae and Pleuronectidae, which include important food fishes.
floun·der 1 (floundr)
intr.v. floun·dered, floun·der·ing, floun·ders
1. To make clumsy attempts to move or regain one's balance.
2. To move or act clumsily and in confusion.

So usually once I make a decision I just go with it. I don't hem and haw. I analyze the problem, usually make a pro/con list, and then I commit to a course of action.  And that is typically the end of it.  I forge ahead in the necessary direction.

Which is why I am a bit concerned an apartment I looked at and thought I wanted.  

It's within my price range, it's not terribly far from work..or downtown Baltimore.  It's within walking distance to the gym I'll probably join.  And it's huge!  One bedroom, one and half bath, eat in kitchen, den, huge patio.  And Nordstrom is visible from the sliding door.

All this being the case, it would seem this should be a lock. 

And yet I am not feeling that this is the right choice.  At all.

In addition to my gut feeling, there are some pretty hefty questions I have about the lease.  And I've sent said questions to be addressed.  It is my hope that once I get these answers I'll feel a bit more confident about things.

There are a whole host of issues as to why I don't think this is the right choice, and off of the top of my head, here are a few:
  1. I'd like to make sure my renter is reliable before I am beholden to pay someone else's mortgage;
  2. I haven't had a lease in a long time.  With my place rented and the mortgage mostly covered the thought of tying myself down is not that appealing.  If I want to up and move I'll not be able to do so without taking a pretty big financial hit.
I think it is going to be in my best interest to slow things down a bit related to this place.  If it's meant to be the answers to my questions will provide the necessary piece of mind that will allow me to move ahead.  And if they don't, well then, my gut will have served me well and I'll continue to search for my new wigwam.

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