Friday, January 9, 2015

Jan. 9: Creativity

Doing something new builds new brain cells, so experiment with something you would normally consider "out of the box."
Who has time for this on a work day?

I am so out of the box most days that for me doing some IN the box is considered the unusual.

It's Friday.

I'm tired.

There's wine.

That's about all I can muster today.

Universe, please bear with me.

Jan. 8: Honor

By loving and honoring the body you have, you can bring more health and flexibility into your life. Be conscious of what you put into your body, and try starting the day off with gentle stretches. You can also walk instead of driving or taking the elevator, rest when you are tired and take short breaks during the day.
It used to be I'd spring out of out bed in AM and race off to start the day.  Music blaring while I'd get ready.

Later in life - ie my late 20s and early 30s - I'd have The Today Show on while getting ready.

Then I realized how much I generally wanted to punch everyone but Ann Curry in the throat and I figured that probably wasn't the healthiest way to start my day either.

So then I started to wake up and laze around in bed for about 15 minutes reading the news on my phone - while stretching - and then I get ready in total silence.

then I drive to work usually listening to something like the Native American Flute station on Pandora.

I have no idea why or how this started but it seems to work for me.

I firmly believe if it wasn't for Pandora I'd have been on that show Snapped by now.  Because there is nothing worse than FM morning radio.  In general it simply makes me want to crash my car into the jersey walls along 285.

The lone exception is NPR.  You can always learn something listening to NPR.

For instance, where the first umbrella factory in the US was located.  This is the sort of information that comes in handy at cocktail parties when you find yourself staring at a stranger with nothing to say.  I'd wager that NPR has provided more cocktail conversation than any other source in the modern era.

So, I guess I am honoring what I am putting in my body by not allow a bunch of negative, stupid crap - in the form of "infotainment"- to take up any head space first in the morning.

Huh.  Who knew.

Jan. 7: Purify

You wouldn't think of going to an important event in dirty clothes, so why not pay attention to cleansing your energy field, as well as your physical space. Do some spring clearing, throw out old broken items, spray lemon water around your office, use your morning bath or shower as a ritual of purification, let go of old emotions that no longer serve you, shred old letters that hold negative associations, delete any email that is not positive.

This one was tough for me.

I woke up to a temperature of 9 degrees which doesn't make me want to do much beyond stay snuggled under the covers.  There was certainly no shower to be had given the tundra like temperature.

So, the best I could do was try to flush negative vibes out quickly throughout the day. Of which there were some and of which moved along fairly swiftly.

Like I said, this one was tough for me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan. 6: Present.....Or What I Learned from Ferris Bueller

Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis circa 2015
Life can pass you by if you are so busy making plans and doing stuff. We forget to just BE. Focus on one thing at a time, unplug from your smart phone and computer for five minutes every hour if you can, take a deep breath every time your phone rings, be conscious of walking on the earth — one step at a time, really listen to yourself and others.
As I strive to make the first 12 days of the year truly meaningful, January 6th has been ear marked as my DIGITAL DIET DAY.  

Other than the required work email and phone (which I have to answer since it is a work day), I am taking a break from all the other digital forms of communication. And this graphic at right offers some compelling reasons why you should join me!  

As I kid growing up with seven other people in the house, it was damn near impossible to get someone’s attention in an effort to have a real conversation.  Shouting was our modus operandi otherwise you weren't heard at all.  And that was back in the 70s and 80s with relatively few distractions to compete with.

I perish the thought of being a small child this day in age competing not only with humans but with machines to get some quality time.  Nothing makes me sadder than seeing parents on their phones at dinner while their kids try desperately to get their attention.  More than once I've wanted to punch the parents in the throat on on behalf of the kids.

Folks, they are only little for a short time.  And you never know when you are making a memory.  Just some food for thought.

(thanks to technology, this post was written in advance and scheduled to post on January 6th so I could truly enjoy my Digital Diet.)

Day 6 - like the previous five  - brought to you by 12 Rituals To Do In 12 Days To Guarantee 12 Months Of Love & Prosperity

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan. 5: Play

When we get over-serious and try to figure everything out, we lose our spontaneity and creativity. Fun is a good thing, so allow your playful inner child to come out. Go to a playground and swing on a swing, ride a bike, get some Legos and build a castle, take out the finger paints and let it rip, or put on some upbeat music and move.

It's hard to find time to play on a work day.  At least for me it is.

Even NPR is on board - Adults Need Recess Too

This is all well and good but most days I can hardly get to the lunch room to grab my sandwich let alone make play time during the day.

The closest I'll get is some time at the gym today (which I sadly do not but consider play but whateves, it's better than nothing) and some old school Moby off his Play release, which is my favorite of his recordings.

So on that note I leave you with some upbeat music as prescribed, have some Honey....

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jan. 4: Smell

Of all of our five senses, smell is the only one that goes directly to our brain. Experiment with different scents to see how you feel. Vanilla works well to lift your mood. Orange boosts your energy, while chamomile or lavender may calm you down. Jasmine is a wonderful aphrodisiac and rose is often associated with opening your heart.

Who among us hasn't had a memory triggered by a smell?

Over 20 years after a break up, a certain cologne still triggers crystal clear memories of my college boyfriend.

The smell Lily of the Valley will always make me think of my mother.

And I truly believe that my grandmother warns me through smell from the Great Beyond when bad things are about to happen.

On numerous occasions just before I have gotten bad news I have been overwhelmed with the smell of her home.

The first time this happened I literally stopped in my tracks while climbing the steps on the way into my house.  I thought, "How odd.  It smells just like Grandma and Grandpa's house." A place they had sold some six year before and a place I hadn't set in foot in since.

I shook the strange thought out of my head and walked through the front door only to find out my grandfather had suffered a massive stroke and was not likely to recover.

I firmly believe that smell on the steps was a message from her.  A way for her to let me know something was coming.  A way for me to prepare, if you will.

And I thank her for finding a way to try to get me ready for that awful moment.  It was still devastating news to hear but some small part of me was prepared to hear it thanks to a long stored smell nestled in my memory chamber.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jan. 3: Renewal..................or How Rain at a Bowl Game Gets One to Commune with Nature

Today's theme - Renewal.

Use nature to renew your body and spiritNature is a window into the world of the divine — with the four great elements representing the physical manifestation of spirit into matter. Spend some time just looking at the sky, or take a walk in the park, on the beach or in the woods, listen to birds sing, hold a rock or crystal to remind you to ground your energy and of course, watch a sunrise or sunset.

Considering I spent the better part of the day staring out the car window going to and from Birmingham, where I then spent two hours sitting in a cool on and off rain, I think it is safe to say I spent my fair share of the day soaking up some Nature.

Pun intended.

And it makes me wonder how, when I was half this age, and weighed considerably less, I could drink substantially more, while wearing way fewer clothes, and almost never wearing a coat (and certainly never a hat) I could sit outside in sub zero temperatures for hours on end to watch a football game.

And it makes me wonder why I did this.

It was just rainy and in the upper 60s today and it sucked.

That I routinely did this in West Virginia, in the winter, ON PURPOSE, now baffles me.

I guess this is why we go to college when we are young.

Because there is no way that I'd be doing this now every game weekend.

THAT is for damn certain.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the outcome of the game, UF beat ECU in the Birmingham Bowl.  Which just made our decision to leave at halftime all the better since we were rooting for ECU.

And by the way, if you ever get the chance to go to Legion Field in Birmingham, don't go.  Trust me on this one.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Jan. 2: Love

So, from the 12 Rituals To Do In 12 Days To Guarantee 12 Months Of Love & Prosperity post from a few days ago, today we get to the LOVE day .

Today is the day to be more loving and compassionate toward yourself. Learn to be compassionate in the areas where you tend to resist. Ask yourself, How can I be more loving today? Then reach out to others. Smile, be kind and send a loving note to a friend  or family member.

Well rock on.

I sent out some notes.  One to a cousin, one to niece.  Both of whom I love dearly.

I managed to do a decent job of keeping my internal negative voice fairly silent today. Miracle.

I also got the bright idea to play the LOVE station on Pandora as I thought, "What better way to feel the love than with some great tunes?"


Let's just say that I am in emotionally fragile state right now because over the course of the work day no less than seven different songs came on that got me FULL ON crying.  AT MY DESK.

I am talking gasping for air, tears streaming down my face crying.  Not the pretty kind you see in films.

My Heart Will Go On.


I Will Always Love You.


Because You Loved Me.


Jar of Hearts


I guess the good news is that rather than just being horrified by this reaction (which I am) I was able to get out some emotions I didn't even know I had been holding in.

Who knew the first Friday of the year was going to be so emotionally charged?

Tomorrow's theme is Renewal.  Hoping it's a bit less draining.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here's to Being True Blue...Always

The above brought to you by the irreplaceable and always insightful Shel Silverstein.