Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan. 5: Play

When we get over-serious and try to figure everything out, we lose our spontaneity and creativity. Fun is a good thing, so allow your playful inner child to come out. Go to a playground and swing on a swing, ride a bike, get some Legos and build a castle, take out the finger paints and let it rip, or put on some upbeat music and move.

It's hard to find time to play on a work day.  At least for me it is.

Even NPR is on board - Adults Need Recess Too

This is all well and good but most days I can hardly get to the lunch room to grab my sandwich let alone make play time during the day.

The closest I'll get is some time at the gym today (which I sadly do not but consider play but whateves, it's better than nothing) and some old school Moby off his Play release, which is my favorite of his recordings.

So on that note I leave you with some upbeat music as prescribed, have some Honey....

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