Friday, January 9, 2015

Jan. 8: Honor

By loving and honoring the body you have, you can bring more health and flexibility into your life. Be conscious of what you put into your body, and try starting the day off with gentle stretches. You can also walk instead of driving or taking the elevator, rest when you are tired and take short breaks during the day.
It used to be I'd spring out of out bed in AM and race off to start the day.  Music blaring while I'd get ready.

Later in life - ie my late 20s and early 30s - I'd have The Today Show on while getting ready.

Then I realized how much I generally wanted to punch everyone but Ann Curry in the throat and I figured that probably wasn't the healthiest way to start my day either.

So then I started to wake up and laze around in bed for about 15 minutes reading the news on my phone - while stretching - and then I get ready in total silence.

then I drive to work usually listening to something like the Native American Flute station on Pandora.

I have no idea why or how this started but it seems to work for me.

I firmly believe if it wasn't for Pandora I'd have been on that show Snapped by now.  Because there is nothing worse than FM morning radio.  In general it simply makes me want to crash my car into the jersey walls along 285.

The lone exception is NPR.  You can always learn something listening to NPR.

For instance, where the first umbrella factory in the US was located.  This is the sort of information that comes in handy at cocktail parties when you find yourself staring at a stranger with nothing to say.  I'd wager that NPR has provided more cocktail conversation than any other source in the modern era.

So, I guess I am honoring what I am putting in my body by not allow a bunch of negative, stupid crap - in the form of "infotainment"- to take up any head space first in the morning.

Huh.  Who knew.

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